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Edit is an external way to create or modify any file. Edit meant Editor is very good utility for creating or modifying any file.

To start Edit type Edit on dos prompt and press enter. Then a full screen  window will appear like this-


File label displays the current file name which is open in the current window. If file name is not specified then  Untitled will be show.

A menu bar contains various commands. Which are given in detail. Select the items from menu and click.

FILE- We can activate File menu by pressing Alt+F key. 

New:- New command open a new window for creating new file with file name Untitled.

Open..:- If we want to open any existing file for modification or for any purpose then we choose this option. After selecting this option a dialog box will be appear, which looks like

We enter the file to be open in File Name box and press enter, or press down arrow key to choose from the given Files menu.

Save:- Suppose we have do some editing in the file and want to store it in disk then If the file which is currently in use have a file name. the editor will store all these editing with this specified file name either if it is Untitled then a save as dialog box will be appear which will ask a new file name to store these editing, which looks like this-

We enter a new file name in File Name field and press enter.

Save As...:- Some time we need a copy of any existing file with minor changing. Like if we are writing a letter to few consumers with same message but with different name and address. At that time Save As option helps us to save our time. We create a letter for one consumer and save that file with his name, again after changing the name and address of file for next consumer we Save As the file with next consumer name and so on for others.

This option is same like as copy command of DOS. But it helps when we are going to use the file systems like Mail Merge.

Close:- Close option is give for close the current open file.

Print...:- Edit have a very excellent feature to print a file. Open the file and from File->Print chose the complete document option and press enter. This will print all the document at a time.

If we want to print only selected text means only a small part of file then we choose Selected Text Only option after selecting the text and press enter.

Exit:- To close Edit and return to DOS prompt.

Edit:-All the commands available in this menu are related to editing the current open document. Before start editing we must need to select the text. The key combination for selecting the text are as given below-

SHIFT + LEFT ARROW Select one character left
SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW Select one character right
SHIFT + DOWN ARROW Select one line below the current line
SHIFT + UP ARROW Select one line up to the current line
SHIFT + CTRL + LEFT ARROW Select one word left
SHIFT + CTRL + RIGHT ARROW Select one word right
SHIFT + HOME Select to beginning of current line from current cursor position.
SHIFT + END Select to End of line from current cursor position.

CUT:- Cut option remove  the selected text and store them to the memory buffer. The sort key for cut is CTRL + X.

COPY:- Copy option copy the selected text into memory buffer. selected text can be copied also by pressing CTRL + C

PASTE:- Paste will insert the text store in computers buffer to the current cursor position. It can be achieved by pressing CTRL + V button.

CLEAR:- We can delete the selected text for ever by clear option. This command is useful when we need to delete a long paragraph or more than a line. We select the whole line by pressing SHIFT + DOWN ARROW key and after selection just press DEL key the sort key for this option.

Search:- This menu contains the items for searching and replacing the text of document. This facility provide very powerful feature when we have to replace text with another text in a large document.

Find:- We can find any text in the current document. For that at first go to the top of document. Select Search->Find . In appeared window type text to be search in Find what field.

 Repeat last find:- From Find edit will search only once the text we type on the Find What field. If we want to search same text , the we select Search->Repeat Last Find or just press F3button.

Replace:- Edit gives the facility to search a text and replace that text with other upon your choice. Suppose we want to replace all HEMAN we uses in current document with MACROMAN then we select Replace from Search->Replace... and press enter. In appeared window  we type HEMAN in Find what field and type in MACROMAN in Replace with field.

Select Replace button to replace only first find text otherwise select Replace All to replace all HEMAN with MACROMAN without asking any more for replace.

View:- We can open more than a file into edit. We can open upto 9 files at a time into editor. View option gives the facility to reload these currently loaded files. We can display two files at a time after splitting current window in two parts. Both different window may contain different files in each.

Split Window:- As declared above that we can open  two files at same time in two different window. Place the cursor in the document after which we have to split the window and select View->Split Window option.

Resize Window:- To change the size of each window we select this option. To change the size of the selected window select View->Resize Window and press enter.  The divider between two files will change to resizable cursor, which can be move up or down using up and down arrow key. To fix the size press enter key.

Close Window:- If you are not more need of two window, place the cursor in one which you want to close and select View->Close Window. Second window will maximize to full screen mode. 

Option:- This menu contains the items for changing settings for editor like setting of printer port, tab spacing and color management.

Settings...:- This option is used for set tab spacing and printer port setting.


Color:- Editor's screen color can be set up with your own choice. These screen color includes color of Menu bar, color of  scroll bar, status bar, window border, text color, background color and many more.

To set default color of edit just press Default button from this dialog box. Edit will restore it's own color management.


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