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A computer is a high-speed electronic device, which is capable to perform logical and arithmetical operation. According to Oxford dictionary, "A computer is an automatic electronic apparatus for making calculation or controlling operations in numerical or logical term"


   Computer Architecture

We can understand computer easily by its block diagram. It is as below


A computer mainly consist of three units

Input Unit:- This unit is used for entering data into the computer. Some of the input device is Keyboard, Mouse, and Scanner etc. 

Process Unit:- This unit is itself consist of three units. 

A.L.U. (Arithmetic & Logic Unit)- This unit is responsible for arithmetic and logical operations. 

C.U.:- (Control Unit)- This unit is responsible for program execution, fetching information from memory, decoding it and sending it at appropriate place in the computer to execute it. 

Memory:- The date and instruction that are entered in the system has to be stored inside the computer before the actual execution takes place. Similarly, the result is also to be store before sending it to output device. This work of storage is done by Memory Unit. 

Output Unit: - The data processed through C.P.U can be viewed with the help of Output devices. These output devices are known as Output Unit. e.g. VDU (Visual Display Unit or Monitor) , Printer etc.

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