Classification of Computer

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Computers can be classified into following category

Analog:-A computer designed to respond to an infinite number of variations and signals. It operates by measuring rather than counting. These computers are mostly used in scientific applications. Ex. Thermometer, Speedometer.

Digital:- These computers converts data into digits and then count the numbers that represent numbers, letters or other symbols. Mostly these computers are used for scientific and business purpose. Ex. PC, PC-XT, PC-AT

Hybrid:- A computer which behave like both analog and digital is known as hybrid computer. It is mostly used for individual process controls in plants. Ex. E.C.G, Intensive Care Unit etc.

Further a digital computer can be classified the four classes

  1. Micro Computer:- The computer uses Microprocessors are called Micro computer. The first microprocessor computer was built of 8-bit chip. Means 8-bit of data can be send for process into C.P.U. Further it improved to 16-bit system. Which is known as 8086 and 8088,80486. These computers were first introduced by Intel Corporation. The storage capacity of this computer is about 1 GB and onwards. The latest  computers are of 32-bit and are known as Pentium I/II/III/IV etc. These computers are widely used for general purpose works or house hold works. It also known as Personal Computer (PC).

  2. Mini Computer:-  Mini computers are the multi-user systems. It is mainly used in a official networks or like that networks. Where some terminals are connected trough this computer. Mini computers have large storage capacity and have high C.P.U speed. These computers are generally 8/16 bit computers. Example- PDP-8,PDP-II etc.

  3. Mainframe Computer:-Mainframe computers  are generally 32-bit machines or the higher sides. These are suited to big organization , to manage high volume applications. Few of the mainframe machines are IBM, HP etc. Mainframe computers provides inlarge storage capacity and faster C.P.U speed rather than mini computer. 

  4. Super Computer:-The upper end of the state of the art mainframe machine are the super computer These are amongest the fastest machines in term of processing speed and multiprocessing techniques, Where a number of processors are used for solving a problem. Super computers mainly are being used for weather forecasting, remote sensing, image processing, biomedical applications etc. Example- CRYPT, XMP-14, PARAM-10000 etc.

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