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Control Panel is used to personalize the computer as user wish to keep. The system can be personalize by making interesting and useful changing to Windows settings. These settings could be any one in the following:-

Control Panel can be obtained by selecting Control Panel option from Start->Settings either clicking on My Computer icon present in desktop and then clicking on Control Panel option.


Date & Time Option are used to update the system date and time. These are the steps required to update date and time:-
  1. Double click on the Date/Time option from Control Panel or Double Click on the clock on the right most corner of the Taskbar
  2. Click on the current date on the calendar appeared
  3. Choose correct Month & Year from the Month & Year field respectively.
  4. To change the time use up or down arrow , either click on the time field and directly type the current time.
  5. To select correct time zone click on the arrow and select correct time zone.
  6. Click on Apply Button and then click on Ok Button.


Wallpaper /Background Setting

We can place pictures or any active objects like web pages in the background of desktop we click on Display option from Control Panel option, or right click on the desktop and select Properties from appeared menu. Then follow following steps:-
  1. Select any web page or Picture from appeared list. If want to include any other picture which is not in the list then click on Browse.. button and select the picture or image.
  2. If want to cover all the background with a small image then select Tile from display menu.
  3. If want to place picture at the centre of the desktop then select Center option from the Display menu.
  4. Click Apply button , and then press Ok button to set the image or picture as Background.


Screen Saver Setting

Screen Savers are mainly used for the protection of screen. The screen savers may be either moving images or it may be  images which keep on changing with a short time interval. There is a time specified for the screen saver during which if there is not any interruption through the user then it automatically starts. Screen saver can be set up by following steps:- 
  1. Double Click on Display icon from Control Panel or right click on the desktop and select Properties form appeared menu.
  2. Click on Screen Saver tab.
  3. Select the screen saver by dropping the drop-down menu for Screen Saver.
  4. Specify the time from Wait, so that if there will be not any response from user during this time interval the screen saver will start automatically.
  5. Click Settings..  button to set other options for related screen saver.
  6.   Click Apply button and then select OK button.


Fonts are the type face of any character .It provides the facility to format the text with different font i.e. type face, different styles like Bold, Italic, Underline and having different font size. All the fonts are once installed in the windows so that any application running under windows can use it.  We can add new fonts. To install new fonts follow these steps:-
  1. Double Click in Fonts icon from Control Panel.
  2. In the appeared folder click File->Install New Fonts...
  3. Specify the Drive and Folders that contain the fonts you want to add.
  4. Select Select All button to select the fonts to install.
  5. Select  OK button to install the fonts.


The printers option is the shortcut for the printer folder which we have already discussed in the My Computer. After double clicking on this option we get the printer folder. Here we can change the various settings of printer like to install new printer, remove any printer or to set any printer as default. To install new printer follow these steps:-
  1. Double click on the Printers icon to open the printers folder.
  2. Double click on the Add New Printer icon to install new printer.
  3. In the appeared dialog box press Next button.
  4. Then computer will show a list of printers of different manufacturers. Select one, of which the printer you have. If the name of printer is not in the list then click on  Have Disk button. and specify the path for printer driver.
  5.   Press Next button
  6. Select the port for printer. Click Next button.
  7. Select Yes to set the new printer as default printer. Click Next button.
  8. Click Finish button.

Then a icon for the new printer will add to the printer folder. Which could be further used for other settings of printer.

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