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The primary screen of the computer is known as Desktop. Desktop is the full screen display present after booting the computer. It is a mechanism to organize our programs and shortcuts for programs.  The various parts of Desktop are given below-

 Desktop - Windows 98

Icon:- Icons are the graphical re-presentation of any file which may be any document, application, folders or a media file. Every icons have a text label which further describe the object. Some icons are displaying in the Desktop. Every icon represent a special program. Uses of some icons are given below-

My Computer

My Computer:- My Computer icon is present on the desktop of Windows 98. It is used for access anything present in our computer quickly and fastly. All the setting of Windows like Desktop settings, hardware setting etc. can be changed form here. To open this icon we double click on this icon.


Recycle bin:-Recycle bin option is available on the desktop to store the deleted items while working with windows. To delete any file we drag  the icon of that file and drop into the Recycle bin. It helps us for accidental deletion. Once we are conform to totally wipe out the files present in Recycle bin we click on the File->Empty Recycle bin option.


Recycle Bin
My Documents My Documents:-My documents folder contains the documents we create in our computer. It make our file organization much easy to handle. Oftenly all the files or documents we create in windows are save in this folder as default.

Start Button:-Start button is used to open start menu. To start any program we uses Start menu and select the program to be execute from Program option present in menu. We will look it in detail to the unit of Start Menu.

System tray:- A system tray always having a clock at right end. Further it show the icons of those programs which are running in the background by operating system. Like Volume controller, Modem controller, Display controller etc.

Taskbar:-At the bottom of the desktop we find the taskbar. Whenever any program are running, a button are display on the taskbar. If we are running more than one application at a time, then every application will make its button on the taskbar. Which can be further used for swatch between applications

Quick Launch:- It is a tool bar present in taskbar. It mainly contains the shortcuts of applications installed in our PC.

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