Introduction of GUI

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 Graphical User Interface (GUI) is one of the biggest revolution in the evolution of current computing system. The term User Interface originated in the engineering environment in the late 1970s. Virtually every one who interacted directly with computers had been engineers and programmers, but a new kind of users were emerging , the non-programming user. These users get more difficulty with computers. With the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, Apple Computer popularized the user interface as it is known today. Apple's use interface is now commonly referred as Graphical User Interface or GUI. The GUI has become associated with a common feature set available in a number of product offering. 

Common Graphic User Interface Terms are -

1. Pointing Device:- In graphics user works with small tiny points known as pixels groped together to form a object. Like Menu, Buttons etc. Thus a pointing device is used to invoke a command from a list of commands present in menu. This can also be used  to select objects on the screen, moving objects around the screen or merging several objects to another. Mouse , Joystick, Light pen etc are the some examples of such pointing device.

2. Window:- When a screen is split into small separate reasons, each reason is called window. Each window can run different application in different window. In figure there is example of two window running two different application to each window.

3. Menu:-A menu is the list of commands available in the application. We not need for remembering all these commands to execute, just select the option and click once in the command to execute. There are verity of menus present in GUI like pull down menu, popup menu etc.

4. Dialog Boxes:-Dialog boxes are used for getting information or for displaying information to the user. For example here is an example for asking some information before printing of any document.


There are some graphical component used in dialog box for getting information. e.g.

1. Push Buttons
2. Text box
3. Combo box
4. Radio buttons
5. Check boxes

5. Icon:- Icons are the symbolic representation of any object like file, folder, application and so on. To open the file or folder or running the application we double click on the icon.

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