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My computer is an icon present on the left top corner of desktop. It contains the information of our computer's hardware and software. We can add or remove hardware and software from here.

To open My computer window we double click on the My Computer icon from desktop. A window will appear like show below:-

You will see various entities present in My Computer folder. Like Floppy, Control Panel etc. Let we explore it briefly.

3 Floppy ( A: ):- This is the folder, we use it when we are working with floppy disk. Floppy are generally used for taking backup or for transferring a file from one to another computer.

Local Disk:- Hard disks are know as local disk. We can divide a hard disk into two or more partitions, upon our choice. This is the best choice when we want to keep two or more operating systems at a time .

Printer:- Printer folder contains the information about the printers attached to our computer. To add a new printer click on the Add Printer. Once we install a printer we can share it on the network so that others can use it. If more than one printer are  installed , we can make any one the default printer by right clicking and selecting  Default option from the appeared menu.

Control Panel:-Control panel gives the facility to personalize the computer as user wish. We can set up various kinds of settings like how does we like to look the desktop, the appearance of windows can be personalize using desktop themes, it provides the facility to add new hardware or install new softwares in the computer. We can set the different time zones for our computer. More detail on computer panel are given to further chapter.

Dial Up Networking:- Using Dial Up Networking we can gain access to another computer to share some computer resources, even if we are not connected with any network. We need a telephone line to connect with remote computer, the remote computer to which we wish to connect should must be set as network server, so that it can provide the resources need for host computer.

Schedule task:- The Schedule Task is a system tool which schedules the tasks like runs antivirus, Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Disk Cleanup etc. regularly. Schedule task always run in the background every time windows are started.  Tasks automatically start  running in the background, at the time they are scheduled for.  

Scheduling for Disk Defragmenter at every Sunday, 9:00 AM

  1. Double Click on the Add Scheduled tasks Icon.
  2. Click on Next Button to proceed the schedule task wizard.
  3. Select  Disk Defragmenter from the appeared list of applications.
  4. Click Next  Button to proceed further
  5. Select Weekly button from the different modes.
  6. Specify the time 9:00 AM in the Start Time
  7. Check Sunday button
  8. Click Next Button
  9. Click Finish

Now this scheduling is ready to run at every morning at 9:00 am of Sunday, when windows will working.


Web Folders:-Using Web Folder feature we can save a file to the remote server, so that we can access it from any location using internet. It is same like as a folder, where we could keep our important files. We can make changes to these files and even can delete the unnecessary files.  A Web folder could be used by more than one person. This feature is quite useful when a group of person are working in a similar project from different geographical location and want to share common files present in the web folder. User authority need to access these files.

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