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Notepad is a text editor same like as Edit in Dos.  We use notepad to create or edit files which do not require formatting. It saves the text in Text Only format. Notepad has a limit of size i.e. it can handle files having the size of less than 64 KB.

Various operation possible with Notepad are as follows:-

To cut, copy, paste, or delete text

To wrap text to the window size

 On the Edit menu, click Word Wrap.


To find specific characters or words

  1. On the Search menu, click Find.
  2. In Find what, type the characters or words you want to find.
  3. Click Find Next

To insert the time and date in a document

  1. Move the insertion point to where you want to add the time and date.
  2. On the Edit menu, click Time/Date.

To create a header or footer

  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. In the Header or Footer box, type the letter and character combination from the following table:


    To Type                       
    Insert the open file's name or "(untitled)" if the file has no name. &f
    Insert the date. &d
    Insert the time specified by your computer's clock. &t
    Insert page numbers. &p
    Insert an ampersand (&). &&
    Align the header or footer to the left, center, or right. &l, &c, or &r


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