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WordPad is a text editor for short documents. It has not the advance features like MS-Word . You can format documents in WordPad with various font and paragraph styles. To start WordPad  Click Start Menu, then select Programs->Accessories->WordPad.

Various operation possible in WordPad are :-

  1. Specify the page layout for a document, such as paper size and margin settings.

  2. Type, edit and delete text, as well as copy or move text from one place to another. You can also copy or move text between two different applications.

  3. Change the font, style and size of character, and change the alignment and indents of paragraph. You can also set special tabs and create bulleted or numbered lists.

  4. Search for previously typed text or replace with new text.

  5. Create compound documents that contain pictures, spreadsheet data, video created in other application.

Working with Documents

To create a new document

  1. On the File menu, click New.
  2. Click the file type you want to create, click OK, and then begin typing.
  3. To save the new file, click the File menu, click Save As, and then type a name in File name.

To save changes to a document

 On the File menu, click Save.


To open a document

  1. On the File menu, click Open.
  2. In Look In, click the drive that contains the document you want to open.
  3. Double-click the folder that contains the document you want to open.
  4. Click the document name, and then click Open.


Specifying page Layout.

Page Setup:-  Page setup includes the settings regarding Paper Size, Page Orientation, Paper Sources and Paper Margin. To specify all these page settings follow these steps:-

    Let we need a paper of  A4 size having 1" margins from all edges and Landscape orientation. Then the steps would be as follows:-

  1. Click File->Page Setup...
  2. In the appeared dialogue box select A4 paper size from Size field.
  3. Select Landscape from orientation field, and
  4. Specify the value 1" in the Left, Top, Bottom, Right fields.
  5. Click Ok button.

Formatting Document

Font:- We can change the typeface of the text of the document. This is known as Fonts. First select the text. Then follow the steps:-
  1. Click Format->Font..
  2. In the appeared dialogue box as show in the figure select the Font, Font Size, Font Style , Effects and Font Colors as you wish.
  3. Click Ok button.

Paragraph:- We should keep in mind when we are typing any peace of text then until we presses the enter key we are typing for a paragraph. As soon as we presses the enter key then a new paragraph begins from there. Every paragraph have three indentations. Left, right and the indentation for the first line. To specify these indents follow these steps:-
  1.  Click in any paragraph which formation you wants.
  2. Click Format->Paragraph...
  3. Specify the value in the appropriate unit for the Left, Right, First Line indentation. Also specify the Alignment for the paragraph.
  4. Click Ok button.
Tabs:- We can specify and remove the tabs from the documents. Using mouse the tab stops can be marked by clicking on the point to the ruler. But using menus these can be achieve as follows:-
  1. Click Format->Tabs...
  2. Specify the Tab Stop Position and Click Set button.
  3. After specifying all the tab stops click Ok button.
  4. To delete any tab stop, select the tab stop to be delete and click Clear button.
  5. To delete all the tab stops click on the Clear All button.

Printing Documents

Print Preview:- If we want to see the preview, how the document will look like after printing the we can see the preview of the documents as follows:-

  1. Click File->Print Preview....
  2. The window will appear having the preview of the document.
  3. To close this window and return back to the WordPad working area click Close button.

To change printers and printing options

  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. Make the changes you want in the Page Setup dialog box:


Making connection with other documents

To embed or link an object into WordPad

  1. On the Insert menu, click Object.
  2. Click Create from File, and then type the path and file name.
  3. To embed or link the object, do one of the following:

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