About RCPP
A Project Undertaken By Nagpuri Kala Sangam Ranchi Jharkhand,Govt. Registered Under S.R. Act-21,1860 No -55/81-82 & Exemption U/S 12A & 80G of It Act,Co-opration by Culture ,sport & Youth Work Department , Gov. Of Jharkhand
Introduction About us

RCPP (Rashtriya   Computer  Prashikshan  Pariyojna), with its pioneering legacy, was the first educational institution of the city to think in terms of introducing Free Computer Literacy  Project   .Instead of introducing Computer Science at the basic  level, it was thought wiser to initially offer various courses in Computer Studies under the aegis of what we call today RCPP Computer Institutions.
RCPP Computer Literacy Project   was inaugurated, on 29th March, 2003. It was sponsored by a generous well wisher of the Organization.

RCPP was originally meant to cater to only the students of the Institution. However, today it is open to all and offers various long term and short term courses to satisfy the need of various students and professionals.

A non profit academic institution, RCPP has always concern for the under-privileged sections of the society. In line with the College’s policy RCPP had made its policy to cater specially to the under-privileged students. A concession in fees is provided to the ST/SC & backward class and economically backward students to encourage such students to come up to the present professional requirements.

India is a developing country a huge and growing population with low level of living standard. To improve under these circumstances is being increasingly felt and recognized that prosperity is basically a function of education. The need of today in our country is to engage the unemployed youths with jobs. It is imperative that the education should be creative. Professional education covers a vast field of employment and there are bright prospects for the people with requisite qualification. In these respect RCPP fulfills the need of the aspirants who desire to get proper vocational training. Thus in the fast changing by professional education..

RCPP is backed by a group of talented and challenge seeking R & D team who is always on the verge of creating innovative ideas to serve the society. And such an outcome on the eve of celebrating their 5th Year of excellence in service to the society can be seen in the launch of their courses that once again is going to create the same opportunities for lakhs of aspirants from every nook and corner of the Country. Keeping in mind, today’s most demanding sector of the society i.e., the job sector and keeping in view of the institutions that crop up claiming to be creating opportunities, its R & D team has redefined the terminology of Computer Literacy. As the present job scenario demands much more than a mere college degree or a computer diploma,RCPP’S courses are now focused on its two main objectives, viz.

a) To impart Computer Literacy to every eligible candidate of the Country.
b) To generate employment opportunities for its students by providing the best designed (industry standard) career oriented courses.

To fulfill this requirement, we have also included Spoken English and Personality Development as a part of our regular course syllabus as we at RCPP feel that in order to secure a decent job in today’s competitive scenario, knowledge of the above is very much necessary in addition to the computer knowledge and a college degree.

·Institution has successfully completed the Glorious Seven  Years.
·More Them 250 (Two Hundred Fifty Authorized Study Centre across the Countrywide.
·More then 1000 Families are attached with this Project across India.
·More them 50,000(Fifty Thousand) Students Pass out from Different RCPP Study   Centre’s.
·A number of Students are placed in different organization after Complete their Training.
·RCPP Institution has booked a large floor for its old Ext. Project Office at Harmu Housing Colony,Behind (BJP Office ) Ranchi, Jharkhand.
·RCPP Institution has booked a large floor for its New Ext. project Office at Harmu Housing Colony, Near Jain Television Ranchi, Jharkhand.
·RCPP Institution has own Multimedia Branch Office at Main Road Kadru, Ranchi.
·RCPP Institution has booked a large Plot for its Administrative Building, at 4 KM Away from Ranchi Rly Station   name Pandra .
·Institution’s Social Welfare Division has completed several one Day's Social Awareness programme for the complete year. 

NKS (Nagpuri  Kala  Sangam)  REGISTERED N.G.O. -  ABOUT US
NAGPURI KALA SANGAM (NKS) is a non denominational dependent registered society was established for social development, working since 1982 where any person of the society, can join of any age, sex, race, origin, religion and socio economic background.

OBJECTIVE ::::::::::::::::
· To serve all ciitzen residing within or outside the state.  · To establish Faculties, Departments, Divisions, Centres, Institutions, Colleges, Community Services, Social Services, Charitables Services.  · To conduct Seminars, Lectures, Correspondence, Cultural activities to promote science, Arts Culture & to promote Research activities.  · To provide Relief to the sufferer or victims caused due to natural calamities.  · To Co-operate, Affiliate and Collaborate with education, research and other institution at Local, National and International levels having same objects.  · To get the Govt. to jointly sponsor Training Programme.  · To adopt multimedia approach towards tuition and higher learning at a distance by serving people of state as an Independent and Autonomous University.
OBJECTIVE ::::::::::::::::
· NKS . is one of the oldest NGOs serving the Society since 1982.  · NKS. is Govt. registered Society under Societies Reg. Act of 1860.  · NKS. is recognized as Charitable society under section 12A of Income Tax Act.  · NKS. has been exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of I.T. Act .  · NKS.'s account is regularly Audited by recognized Chartered Accountant every year.  · NKS.  Is regularly   aided & co-operate  by cultural ,sports & youth work department Govt. of jharkhand in every year . · NKS. has spreaded its shot Semi Professional Course in the Rural areas under its Community Polytechnic Division

Main Activities
· BLOOD DONATION (For savings the Life's). · SANGEET MHAVIDYALAYA (To Spread Regional  Art & Culture)  · Primary & Adult  Education  · To establish Cottage industries for Un-Employed Persons  · EYE DONATION (For Sight to Blinds).  · PLANTATION (To control Environmental Pollution)  · LITERACY Mission (To Spread Mass Education)  · POPULATION (For better Living-Operation to check the Birth rate)  · CYCLING (For Health and Sportsmanship)  · ADOPTION (For Parental affection to Helpless Child & control Birth rate)  · CREATION (Painting Contest to aware for current occurrence in the society)  · PATRIOTISM (Respect towards our Freedom Fighters & Love for Motherland)  · PEACE MARCH (For Unity, Integrity & Peace in the society) 
·Art & Cultural  Talent Search Programme.
·Un-Employed  People Employment Programme.
·Orphan Rehabilitation Programme.
·Computer Literacy Awareness Permanent Programme .
·Basic Education Awareness Programme
·Child & Female Health  Programme
·Plantation & Agriculture related  Programme
Other Awareness Programmes

Late  Sri. Satyadev N. Tiwari
Founder of NKS