RCPP Question Bank


(Complete Computer Education For All ).

TERM END EXAMINATION (T.E.E.-30 )-2009-2010


Multiple choice Questions

1. Which one is not a GUI Operating System?


c)WINDOWS d)None

2. Which one is an optical memory device?

a)Floppy b)Hard Disk

c)Magnetic Real d)None

3. 1 Megabyte is equivalent to

a)1000 Byte b) 1024 Byte

c) 1024 GB d) None

4. Which one is an external DOS Command?

a) CL8 b) VER

c) CHKDSK d) None

5. Payroll System is a king of

a) System Software b) Application Software

c) Operating System d) None

6. Which one is the oldest version of Windows?

a) 3 11 b) 95

c) NT d) None

7. Taskbar is positioned at.

a) Bottom of the Desktop b) None

c) Left of the Desktop d) None

8. The minimum capacity of RAM required to run windows

a) 16MB b) 32 MB

c) 64 MB d) None

9. Which one is a non-formatting text editing program?

a) Notepad b) Word Pad

c) Ms-Word d) None

10. Character Map is a collection of

a) Roman numbers b) Special characters

c) Characters found on keyboard d) None

11. Ms- Word contains total of

a) 6 menus b) 5 menus

c) 7 menus d) None

12. You can activate the picture toolbar by

a) Insert>Picture b) Insert>Image

c) Format>Picture d) None

13. Which one is the default font of Ms-Word?

a) Arial b)Times New Roman

c) Impact d) None

14. Which one is the default font of Ms- Word?


c) CTRL+Z d) None

15. Office Assistant can be activated from, which Menu?

a) file b)Edit

c) Tools d) None

16. How many cells are there in a sheet?

a) 1677721 b) 10,5258 c) 32556 d) None

17. Total number of rows in a sheet?

a) 256 b) 255 c) 232 d) None

18. Chart wizard can be activated from

a) Insert menu b) View menu

c) Edit menu d) None

19. fx indicates

a) Name b) Picture c) Function d) None

20. From which way can you increase the no. of sheets are opened by default in a new workbook?

a) File-Properties b) Edit-Go To

c) Tools- Option-General d) None

21. Power Point is a

a) Word Processor b) Spread sheet

c) Database d) None

22. Which one is a printable version of slide?

a) Slide b) Speaker Notes

c) Handouts d) None

23. In Which view, all slides of a presentation can be Viewed in a single window?

a) Slide view b) Outline View

c) Slide Sorter view d) None

24. How can you rewind the slide show automatically

a) Rehearse Timing b) View Show

c) Setup Show d) None

25. Which option is used to set timing to slides?

a) Set up show b) Rehearse Timing

c) View Show d) None

26. What do you mean by RCPP.

a) Rahstriya computer Project Pariyojna

b) Rajya computer Prasikshan pariyojna

c) Rashtriya Computer prashikshan Pariyojna d) None

27. How many tool box available in paint ?

a)10 b)12 c) None d) 16

28. Maximum Size of magnifier Shows in paint

a) 1x b) 8x c) 6x d) None

29. Notepad Not contain this item of the menu bar

a) File b) Edit c) None d) Insert

30. Hyperlink developed by

a) India b) Japan c) America d) None

31. Minimum size of font Shown by WordPad (Without edit)

a) 04 b) 06 c) 08 d) None

32. 覧覧 Item Shows by format menu in WordPad

a) 04 b) 06 c) 08 d) None

33.Microsoft excess is a 覧覧覧覧覧用rogram.

a) Database b) Presentation c) Spread sheet d) None

34.Appointment can be maintained in office using

a) Microsoft publisher b) Microsoft Outlook

c) Microsoft FrontPage d) None

35.For easy excess to various Programme of office, you can use

a) Title bar b) Task bar c) menu bar d) Office toolbar

36.Total No Of Row In A Sheet

a) 65526 b) 65536

c) 65546 d) None

37.Which is longest key in keyboard

a) Enter b) Shift c) None d) Spacebar


38.Short Key of Change Case

a) Ctrl + f3 b) Alt + f3 c) Shift + f3 d) None

39.Clip art is

a) Test b) number c) Graphics d) None

40.Sending of Same letter to different people is done by

a) Mail merge b) Send c) Letter d) None

41.Word count gives you

a) Number of lines b) Number of words

c) Both d) None

42. Short Key of change font in Ms-Word

a) Ctrl+d b) Ctrl+l c) Ctrl+n d) None

43.Height of A4 Paper size is ( In Word)

a) 11.39 b) 11.59 c) 11.69 d) None

44.A web site can be created in office using

a) Microsoft publisher b) Microsoft Outlook

c) Microsoft FrontPage d) None

45.What are the numbered from A to Z, etc?

a) Column b) Row c) Cell d) None

46.In Excel the simplest way to move data from one location to

another is

a) By menu command b) By mouse

c) by drag and drop method d) None

47.Word art is a

a) Graphics b) None

c) Text d) Independent Programme

48.Cross section of row and column is called

a) Sheet b) Cell

c) Scroll d) None

49.A workbook is a number of

a) Row b) Column

c) Sheets d) None

50.You can set tabs using

a) Ruler b) Scale c) Header d) None

51.3-D Setting use for

a) Text b) Number c) Drawing d) None

52.Comment Function is available under the head

a) View menu b) Insert menu c) Tools menu d) None

53.Maximum Zooming Size available in Ms-word

a) 200 b) 400 c) 500 d) None

54.Num Lock Is On or off is Shown by

a) Word b) Excel c) PowerPoint d) None


55.Merge And centre is available in Which toolbar

a) Drawing toolbar b) Formatting toolbar

c) Standard toolbar d) None

56.Formula bar Looks just below of 覧覧覧覧(in Excel)

a) Menu bar b) Formatting toolbar

c) Standard toolbar d) None

57.Freeze panes option contained by Which Menu bar

a) Tools b) Data c) Window d) None

58.Filter option used for

a) Delete b) View c) Fill d) None

59.Short Key of Select all Sheet

a) Ctrl+Shift+ Space b) Ctrl+Space

c) Ctrl+Shift c) Ctrl+Alt+ Space

60.Auto correct option open from the menu bar

a) View b) Insert c) Format d) Tools

61.Excel Column end with Column覧覧or (Last column name)

a) IU b) IV c) IW d) None

62.Title Case means

a) 1st letter Capital of Word

b) 1st letter Capital of Sentence

c) 1st letter Small of Word d) None

63.After the hang computer,You Can Reset Your Computer With Key

a) Alt+Ctrl+Del b) Alt+Ctrl+Enter

c) Alt+Ctrl+Tab d) None

64.Paint Stores The File With Extension

a) .PEX b) .DOC

c) .BMP d) None

65.In Ms-PowerPoint underline option is available left side of 覧覧覧覧function .

a) Shadow b) Left alignment

c) Bold d) None

66.We also give in ms-power point覧覧

(a) special effects (b) sound effects

(c) normal effects (d) none

67. Power point provides覧覧葉ype of view of sliders

(a) four (b) five (c) six (d) none.

68. In ms-excel覧覧is an exacting set of values for the changing cells.

(a) steps (b) sort (c) filter (d) none

69.In ms-office how many document present in the table menu

(a) 15 (b) 13 (c) 12 (d) none

70.In ms-word the dialog box contain覧覧覧葉abs.

(a) 13 (b) 11. (c) 08 (d) none

71.Most VDU uses覧覧覧覧覧 ray tube

(a) anode (b) cathode

(c) electronic (d) none

72. Almost all the present computer use 覧覧覧傭it code.

(a) 32 (b) 16 (c) 34 (d) none

73.Dos stands for

(a) dos operating system (b) disk operating system

(c) dos option system (d) none

74.The first mechanical adding machine made by 澱lasic Pascal in,

(a) 1642 (b) 1629 (c) 1625 (d) none

75.1st generations weights are

(a) 5 tons (b) 10tons (c) 15 tons (d) none

76.Character map is a part of menu

(a) accessibility (b) communications

(c) system tools (d) none

77. Page number giving from the menu

(a) view menu (b) insert menu

(c) tools menu (d) none

78. Blasic PASCAL痴 father was

(a) cashier (b) s.p (c) tax officer (d) none

79. Short key of spelling & grammar

(a) f9 (b) f5 (c) f3 (d) none

80. Cut stands for symbol

(a) knife (b) blade (c) scissors (d) none


True / False

Question No 81100 is True /False Type , students are advised to Fill

T T T T for true Answer and

F F F F For false answer in Response sheets


81. Cell padding controls the space between the adjacent cells.

82. ALIGN attribute is used to horizontally align the cell contents.

83. Rows of a table is described using <TH> </TH> tags.

84. Alignments specified in <TD> or <TH> apply only to the cell

being defined.

85. The default color of <LINK> is blue.

86. As internal link is a link to a section in a document on another

web site.

87. Any image can be made a hotspot by using <IMG> tag within

<A> </A> tag.

88. You cannot see the preview of your worksheet as a Web page.

89. Links are created using <A> </A> tags.

90. In HTML on the screen by default the line is aligned to left .

91. Calculator has 2 varieties Standard & Scientific.

92. Excel Shows Grammatical error in Red line.

93. You can draw a line using <HR> Tag.

94. Any image can be made a hot spot by using <IMG> tag within

<A> <A> tag.

95. HTML is specified as TAGS in an HTML document.

96. .DOC is an extension of MS-PowerPoint.

97. You cannot align the text in a shell.

98. F10 is a short key to going for menu bar.

99. <BGCOLOR> tag is used to provide background to a table.

100. RCPP_ Feed Back @Yahoo.Com Is An Example Of Website